Unique perimeter detection

Verified in a web

browser, anywhere


No software, no app!


Works with any control center management software



View alarms anywhere – without software or apps!

  • 100% plugin free webbrowser Alam& Video Management
  • Works with all AI / intelligent video analytics and any camera
  • VPN with 4G Backup and Control room access
  • Supports other (AI) alarms and IoT Sensors
  • Low monthly fee

More than pushing

Immediate Video Verification

With more and more Artificial Intelligence, deep-learning analytics and connected (IoT) sensors, the need for video verification is growing. Whether we talk about intrusion detection or other alarms or alerts, we realised that messaging of alarms should be hardware agnostic. 


Based on our core technologies and market experience, we realised we can offer a very efficient, hardware agnostic way of video verification using any IP-camera. With that, we also offer forwarding alarms to any control room management software. 

“In our control room we have over 15 different video software clients and complete VMS installations to support the camera systems in the market. The CloudAlarmCenter from ENSURA makes it easier for us to support the market and support more camera’s with less!”

IT Manager - Certified PAC Alarm center

“With the CloudAlarmCenter solution we do not have to setup and maintain all camera connections of our clients. It saves a lot of work and cost.”

General Manager - Certified PAC Alarm center

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